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This guide is all about the new game known only as Checkers EFG
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16 February 2011

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Those of you who know about the history of board games must have come across the popularity of Checkers as one of the most entertaining games since long just like chess and famous card games. The game was popular in most of the countries and was called by different names in different places like checkers, straight checkers and draughts. The standard game was played on an 8x8 chess board and involved mind bending strategy depending upon the expertise of the opponent. A modern version of the checkers game which is gaining rapid popularity is Checkers EFG. But since it is a new game, Checkers EFG Guide comes as a really handy guide for the beginners in the game.

Checkers EFG Guide v.1.0 by Exotic Flash Games is a freeware guide for the newly developed and entertaining Checkers EFG game. Even if a user is completely new to the whole checkers thing, which is quiet unlikely though, this product is a complete guide for such users. With the help of which he can explore the fun element in this game. Rather than being a guide written in PDF format, this is an installable application which can be independently read without the aid of any other programs. The fully detailed guide is distributed in various sections. The first section is the introduction part which will basically get you acquainted to the basic functionalities of the game. The next section is related to all the essential tips and tactics which will be helpful for you to become a tough contender to your opponent. Since the game is purely based on strategy, this is a must read section.

Overall, Checkers EFG Guide v.1.0 is a nice and comprehensive guide for the novice players of this game. Hence, it receives a score of four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

This guide is all about the relatively new game known only as Checkers EFG. Within the guide you will find a compendium of tips and tactics on winning this game. The game itself is the classic game of Checkers against either another player or the computer. The difficulty of the computer opponent can be customized which allows the player to alter the difficulty of the game according to their own skill.
The game of checkers is also known by other names. Checkers is a form of board game that is played on an eight by eight square board that is similar to Chess. The other names that it is known as include draughts in the United Kingdom, American checkers, straight checkers and draught.
Learn about various tips and tactics for winning the game Checkers EFG in this guide. All of the sections in the guide are available below.
-Tips and Tactics
-Recommended Resources
The Introduction section introduces the topic of the guide which is about the game Checkers EFG. The Tips and Tactics section provides more information on the various tips and tactics for this game.
The Recommended Resources section provides some additional related links for the avid player to find out about other board games they may be interested in.
Checkers EFG Guide
Checkers EFG Guide
Version 1.0
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